Wednesday, June 3, 2015


At my recent sale, I was asked several times about how to properly display my yard art.   Some folks wanted to just stick them in the ground in their garden.  Well, I wouldn't recommend that.  They are much too pretty to set in the mud and out in the rain and sun.  Others wanted to put them in a child's bedroom.  Good idea.  They will last a very long time indoors.

Here are some suggestions for hanging the dragonflies.

This one is hanging on my front courtyard fence under my carport in the shade. 

Another place in my front courtyard.

My front door gets shade from my top deck.

My backyard palm tree which provides shade.

These 2 white ground stakes are perfect for placement of the art and prevents it from touching the ground.

All of these places are in the shade which will preserve the wood for a long time.  However, if you do place it in the ground, please coat it first with lacquer to help prevent rot.  

Then sit back and enjoy your colorful dragonfly.

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