Sunday, December 7, 2014


Just completed several projects for my next sale.  I love making the oyster candle holders and wooden paddles.  It's a nice change from all of the canvas paintings I have done.

I place potpourri inside then gift wrap the shells.
My first fish paddle.
Most of these paddles are made from cedar that I cut from fence boards. 

Monday, July 14, 2014


Took the RV to New Orleans today to deliver some canvas paintings to the Coq Rouge Gallery on Magazine and Cadiz.  Met the owner Patricia and had a nice visit.  Took a couple of photos of us and one of my paintings she hung up for a photo op.

Delivered 7 paintings to be placed on consignment for 6 months.  What a thrill to have my work in a gallery in New Orleans.

On September 14, delivered a painted wooden fence slat to the Coq Rouge Gallery in New Orleans which will be part of an auction for a charity event on the 27th. 

Here I am sitting in the gallery under my canvas paintings and to my right is the painted fence slat.  Good luck to Patricia.  I hope everything sells.

Saturday, May 31, 2014


On May 24th I woke up at 6:00 and ate a quick breakfast then started to unload all of my boxes for the Grand Isle Island Wide Garage Sale.  Around 7:30 a customer drove up but I had to tell her to return at 8:00 when the sale was to begin.

I had canvas paintings, fine art prints, pillows, DVD movies, clothes, and books I have written.

I don't know how many DVDs were in that box but they all sold for 2 for a dollar.

My canvas paintings included the Alligator Series and the Childhood Memories Series.  They were a hit!

Right at 8:00, just when I finished placing all items and putting up my signs, the first customer showed up. 

I couldn't believe that my Rou Garou of Mandalay Swamp was my first sale of the day.  The lady is from Baton Rouge and just loved it.  I had almost decided not to sell it because it is one of my favorites but I will have to paint another one for me.

I sold 17 canvas paintings, 14 books, all the pillows and all the DVDs.

There was always a customer in my booth from 8:00 to 2:00 when it usually slows down. 

The sale ended at 3:00.... and I was exhausted.  

I counted my cash box and it came out to $700.00.  The best I've ever done at this yearly garage sale.  I'll be back again next year.

Friday, February 28, 2014


Just finished arranging my Back Porch Studio where it has now become a wonderful work space for my craft work.  I had been working at my small table in the kitchen where it was really crowded and hard to have my paints nearby.   Now I have lots of room to spread out and my tools are near at hand.

I purchased a 6 foot folding table, a 5 foot folding table and used my 4 foot camper table to make a "U" shaped work station.  I have room for my sewing machine and paint supplies on top and storage under the tables for my inventory.  The other side of the room will be for framed canvas paintings that I display on easels.

I attached a light fixture under the shelf over my work station and also have overhead lighting and a table lamp in the corner.  I brought my office chair into the studio and it is perfect for moving about while working.

I really love this arrangement and am excited to begin painting once again.  Just finished my Alligator Series and plan to do a Childhood Memories, Rocking Chair, and Front Porch Series next.