Friday, September 14, 2012


I've decided to use my breakfast nook for my Painting Nook.  I never sit at that table to eat anyway so why not put it to use. 

Now all of my paints and brushes and supplies are all at my fingertips.  It's a bit crowded but manageable.  

I'm currently working on a series of alligator paintings that will be used in the children's book I'm writing.  This is one called "The Alligator Fight."   My furry friend, Ali Cat grabs my chair as soon as I'm out of it.  Here she is covering her face.  I guess she doesn't like the painting ;-)

I do place a recent piece on the side bar of my homepage so that followers will know that the blog has been updated.

I add art work to my Pages, listed at the top, almost every day but not on my home page - so you'll need to check back often.