Saturday, May 31, 2014


On May 24th I woke up at 6:00 and ate a quick breakfast then started to unload all of my boxes for the Grand Isle Island Wide Garage Sale.  Around 7:30 a customer drove up but I had to tell her to return at 8:00 when the sale was to begin.

I had canvas paintings, fine art prints, pillows, DVD movies, clothes, and books I have written.

I don't know how many DVDs were in that box but they all sold for 2 for a dollar.

My canvas paintings included the Alligator Series and the Childhood Memories Series.  They were a hit!

Right at 8:00, just when I finished placing all items and putting up my signs, the first customer showed up. 

I couldn't believe that my Rou Garou of Mandalay Swamp was my first sale of the day.  The lady is from Baton Rouge and just loved it.  I had almost decided not to sell it because it is one of my favorites but I will have to paint another one for me.

I sold 17 canvas paintings, 14 books, all the pillows and all the DVDs.

There was always a customer in my booth from 8:00 to 2:00 when it usually slows down. 

The sale ended at 3:00.... and I was exhausted.  

I counted my cash box and it came out to $700.00.  The best I've ever done at this yearly garage sale.  I'll be back again next year.

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